Island Paradise and Vampire Worms

Podcast: Free Audio File If you prefer to listen to podcasts, feel free to play the audio version of this blog by clicking on the player above. Podcast: Island Paradise and Vampire HookwormsLength: Pending 0 min 0 secondsWritten and read by the author Island Paradise and Vampire Hookworms Hookworms crawled and twisted their way into Continue Reading

Understanding the Alphabet Soup of US Government Agencies

Despite the importance, understanding the US government agencies related to public health challenges all that attempt it.  It turns into alphabet soup rather quickly.  Hopefully, we can shed some light on the topic, and clear up any confusion. For efficiency, the federal government partitions itself into multiple departments arranged in a hierarchy.    

Duration of Immunity

The USDA recently announced a transition to Single Tier Label Claim for all veterinary biologics. Effective for all newly licensed vaccines, the decision retroactively applies to all currently licensed vaccines over the course of several years. This change promotes label clarity for both veterinarians and pet owners and reduces some of the competitive confusion between Continue Reading