The Case of Tremoring 302

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon.  The grass is lush and green, the cattle are contentedly grazing.  Calves chase around the pasture.  It was a hard winter, but spring finally has arrived.  All seems right with the world.  Except good ol’ 302 appears to be missing.  You don’t remember seeing her when you checked the herd Continue Reading

Infectivity, Pathogenicity, and Virulence

Infectivity, Pathogenicity, and Virulence. When considering the risks of invasion, numbers do not equate equally. To develop strategies for imminent battles, generals would consider types of warriors within the myriad of factors they must account for. All things being equal, which we know is never the case, but all things being equal, a general outnumbered Continue Reading

Hey Copper, thanks for policing for bacteria!

Oligodynamics: Copper, element 29, perches atop the eleventh column of the periodic table above some extraordinary transition metals. Leading the way with oligodynamic, or bacterial neutralizing properties, copper kills bacteria upon contact through several supposed methods. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, can reportedly kill a million coliform bacteria per millimeter.                 Despite copper Continue Reading

FOVAD the ONLY way to contract infectious disease

When the impossible becomes possible, fear ensues When Hannibal, his army, and approximately 40 elephants geared for battle crossed the Alps into Italy, he struck fear into the heart of Rome. At the time the Romans and virtually everyone except Hannibal believed the Alps represented a natural and complete barrier to invasion. When the impossible Continue Reading