Eradication, Elimination, and Endemicity

Modern science has made some tremendous breakthroughs in the last century.  Diseases that used to plague livestock have now been brought under control or eradicated completely.  Only two infectious diseases can be considered completely eradicated: smallpox in humans in 1980, and rinderpest in ruminants in 2011.  When a disease occurs in a geographic region, animal Continue Reading

Ruminant Abortions: What’s Your Differential?

Differential Diagnosis The ACVPM exam is over, and you decide to reward your hard work with a relaxing night out.  While at supper, you are drawn into a nearby conversation with fellow ACVPM candidates discussing a recent outbreak of abortions in local sheep and goats back home in Kenya.  Some sick calves have been noted Continue Reading

Foreign Filoviridae: Ebola

Ebola hemorrhagic fever Ebola hemorrhagic fever no longer exists as a mysterious disease in the jungles of Africa.  It has once again reared its ugly head, this time moving into more populated areas.  This becomes an emerging public health threat quickly.  With the rate of human travel, an infected individual could be anywhere in the Continue Reading