Maggots Among Us, Part 2

In the previous post, we introduced the Old World (OWS) and New World (NWS) screwworms.  Both species have many common characteristics.  Here, we discuss lifecycles and methods of eradication. Both OWS and NWS follow similar lifecycles.  Duration depends on ambient temperatures, with cooler temps lengthening the cycle.  Adult females oviposit at the borders of wounds Continue Reading

Who is C. chauvoei?

Weaning will be upon us sooner than expected.  Are your calves ready?  Are they protected from blackleg? All breeds of calves are susceptible to blackleg, not just black ones.  Beef cattle have a slightly higher risk, do to heavier muscling.  Clostridium chauvoei causes an emphysematous swelling in muscles, affecting cattle and sheep.  Also referred to Continue Reading

What Is the Prevalent Incidence That I Will Understand Biostatistics?

When flipping through a news article involving infectious disease, it’s likely you have some across the terms of incidence and prevalence. “There is an alarming rise in prevalence for Disease XYZ in recent years” the story might say to hone your interest. The article might warn you without any specific numbers, but both terms have Continue Reading