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Introduction to Goats

1) Why We Love Goats!

  • A brief review of the historical and current usefulness of goats.

2) Here’s Looking at You Kid and All the Other Goat Terms

  • New to the goat world or just want a refresher on terms? Here is a quick overview on twenty common goat terms.

Goat Nutrition


3) Why Goats Always Carry the Kings-Hood and a Bible

  • A brief review of the goat ruminant digestive system

4) No, You Can’t Feed Goats Anything!

  • This podcasts covers the basic nutritional requirements of goats


5) Don’t Bloat Your Goat

  • If you don’t know what bloat is or how to avoid it, you need to listen to this podcast! Foam and gas bloat represent deadly risks to your goat.

6) What Johnsongrass, Frankenstein, and Nazis have in common

  • This is the first of three podcasts on common toxic plants with goats. Learn about how some great works of art and the myth of Frankenstein’s monster share a common origin.

7) When Fate Flexes Her Alkaloids, Goats Die and Witches Fly

  • As the second in a series, this podcast discusses the risks of alkaloid containing plants.

8) Forget Goat Tanning Beds, Try St. John’s Wort

  • This podcasts summarized the remaining toxic risks to goats


9) Why Do We Give Goats Sheep Vaccines?

  • Typically, vaccinations such as CDT which are labeled for sheep are used for goats. Why is this? Is this safe and efficacious for my goats? Learn more

10)A Bit of Mouse Brain, a Smidgen of Hamster Kidney, and a Rabies Virus

  • This podcast is a follow up goatcast and delves deeper into the similarities of human and animal vaccines. It also covers some vaccine production insight of both antiquity and today.

11)Do You Overeat? There’s a Vaccine for That!

  • Part One of the CDT Vaccine. Overeating disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease to goats.

12) Why Being the Most Powerful Can Be a Weakness

  • Part Two of the CDT Vaccine. Let’s talk about tetanus!


13) Should I Vaccinate My Goat for Rabies

  • Let’s examine rabies in America and add context and data to help answer this important question.

14) TBD


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This free, six-lesson course is provided by the Center for Food Security and Public Health. For anyone entering into 4-H, this is a fun and easy way to learn how to protect people from zoonotic disease.(the entire course takes roughly 3 hours and can be paused and restarted at your leisure).

This USDA page helps link you to up-to-date goat management and health studies, biosecurity recommendations, and an overview on zoonotic diseases.

This page provides a robust list of recommended links that support dairy goats.From nutrition, to various disease states, milk articles, reproduction, and recent publications, this site helps direct you to reliable sources no matter what your need.

This is a great resource to learn about more than 80 common goat breeds. You can also learn about other livestock breeds.

Founded in 1904, their mission is to “to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of dairy goats and to provide genetic, management and related services to dairy goat breeders.” There are currently over 2 million goats registered and have roughly 20 thousand members.

The foremost research facility for goat medicine and nutrition. This site holds a library of up-to-date information and free handbook resources.

For a menu list of all goatcasts along with a list of external links for goat producers, visit this site on a desktop or tablet mode. (You may alternatively request a desktop version on your mobile device).
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Don’t Bloat Your Goat!

I have always undervalued vomiting. I hate vomiting. When I say “hate,” I am not using this in our culture’s overused version of the term.

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