Even as apex predators, humans will ultimately be rendered back to the Earth through the actions of bacteria and fungi. Sometimes they don't even want to wait for us to pass from natural causes. There is no more abundant of an organism than bacteria. Some are more ancient than others but all of them are continuing to evolve to survive. And that survival location could be your body!


While most people are aware of anthrax as a bioterrorism agent, most don’t realize that it is common in many areas of the US, including Texas, the Dakotas, Nevada, and parts of Minnesota.

♫ Camp Low Bacteria, Diarrhea is coming to me ♪

Over a million people a year become infected and ill from Campylobacter in the United States each year.

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Rabbit Fever

Tularemia is commonly called “rabbit fever” because small mammals such as rabbits and hares are the natural reservoir of the bacteria Francisella tularensis


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"Between animal and human medicine, there is no dividing line—nor should there be."

~ Rudolf Virchow