ACVPM Exam: Four Months to go – Pulse Check

                Despite life, work, and intense studying, you have taken time to purchase flowers for that all-important holiday that occurs near the ides of February. We are talking of course, about Lupercalia, the ancient Sabine celebration which the Romans later renamed as Februa. During this time, we purify evil I-can’t-possibly-pass-this-test self-doubts and rejuvenate our health Continue Reading

Water Treatment Facilities

Clean water is the key to maintaining any civilization.  John Snow is credited with linking a cholera epidemic to contaminated drinking water in 1855.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diarrheal diseases (such as cholera) kill more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined, making diarrheal disease the second leading cause Continue Reading

Ask Yourself This Question Before You Go Into a Pool

“Would you bathe with these people?” “Would you bathe with these people?” That is what you are doing. You are about to jump into chlorinated bathwater used by the people you see before you and those who came earlier. What do people do after they get out of a pool? Usually, shower off. For everyone’s Continue Reading

Why Should I Vaccinate My Goat for Rabies?

Have you been recommended to have your goat vaccinated for rabies? Perhaps you don’t have a goat but own other livestock or even pets. Have you wondered if rabies vaccines are just a bit silly in today’s age? After all, where are these rabid goat herds? Could this all be a money scam? Nearly into Continue Reading

Why Being the Most Powerful Can Be a Weakness

“Thou shouldst say regarding him: ‘One having a gaping wound in his head penetrating to the bone, perforating the sutures of his skull; he has developed ‘ty,’ his mouth is bound, (and) he suffers from stiffness in his neck. An ailment not to be treated.’” This is an excerpt from the oldest known surgical treatise Continue Reading

Why Do I Give Goats Sheep Vaccines?

Why oh why, would I give goats sheep vaccines? Seems counterintuitive right? We put horseshoes on horses, give cats cat food, and give goats… what? Another species’ vaccines? Are they getting shortchanged? The short answer is no, and the longer answer contains two reasons, one immunologic and the other administrative. When you become infected with Continue Reading

The Risks of Frenching a Frenchie

Don't French Kiss Animals… (just in case you were wondering) If you are tuning in because you wonder if you should stop French kissing animals, the answer is an unequivocal YES. Stop that! Put the guinea pig down. There are so many… many reasons. If you are tuning in because of general interest or because Continue Reading