Leptospirosis: A Continued Threat

Sea lions in California are once again battling a debilitating and fatal disease.  This disease affects multiple species, including humans.  It may sound like the next zombie apocalypse heading our way, but in truth, it’s a very old disease. Leptospirosis was first described in 1883.  Since that time, the bacteria have been found across the Continue Reading

AFB: A Threat to All of American Agriculture

We have discussed many aspects of agriculture and food safety.  There remains one species of food producing animals who rarely get the credit they deserve.  This group forms the backbone of many sectors of agriculture, and often go unnoticed.  While they do give their lives to provide subsistence for humans, we do not eat them.  Continue Reading

Virulent Newcastle Disease

The US is currently battling another foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak.  Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) made its way into southern California and continues to spread.  Newcastle Disease is considered to be one of the most important poultry diseases worldwide.  The disease was first discovered in Indonesia in 1926. Newcastle Disease is caused by an avian Continue Reading

Is African Swine Fever Headed Your Way?

It has been a very active summer for emerging disease outbreaks across the globe.  The US has had two outbreaks thus far and is bracing for a third.  Backyard poultry flocks have been scourged with Virulent Newcastle Disease, and commercial turkey flocks are fighting Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza.  On the heels of these outbreaks, the Continue Reading