No, You Can’t Feed Goats Anything!

I remember being a small child and my father took me to the Los Angeles Zoo. Having been raised in the suburbs, livestock represented cute accessories to my finished, miniature Lincoln-Log cabins that I would construct. Small plastic sheep and goats would be set within the small green fence that I would make around the Continue Reading

What Is the Prevalent Incidence That I Will Understand Biostatistics?

When flipping through a news article involving infectious disease, it’s likely you have some across the terms of incidence and prevalence. “There is an alarming rise in prevalence for Disease XYZ in recent years” the story might say to hone your interest. The article might warn you without any specific numbers, but both terms have Continue Reading

I DO Give a Gram!

The Gram Stain differentiates gram-positive bacteria, which have one membrane, from gram-negative, which have two. We glean significant information from gram-typing, whether you are a healthcare provider or just an average mammal trying to get by in this world. By knowing the characteristics of gram-typing and applying them to common bacteria, we often deduce a Continue Reading

Karenia, Why Everyone Hates You

Does Karenia Mean "Pure Evil?" The name Karen comes from the Greek word for “pure.” Pure what though, can be interpreted. In the case of Karenia brevis, the purity of wanton destruction applies. Like other dinoflagellates, Karenia bears attributes of both plants and animals within a compact single-cell. In the 1800’s dinoflagellates were described as Continue Reading