Maggots Among Us, Part 2

In the previous post, we introduced the Old World (OWS) and New World (NWS) screwworms.  Both species have many common characteristics.  Here, we discuss lifecycles and methods of eradication. Both OWS and NWS follow similar lifecycles.  Duration depends on ambient temperatures, with cooler temps lengthening the cycle.  Adult females oviposit at the borders of wounds Continue Reading

Eradication, Elimination, and Endemicity

Modern science has made some tremendous breakthroughs in the last century.  Diseases that used to plague livestock have now been brought under control or eradicated completely.  Only two infectious diseases can be considered completely eradicated: smallpox in humans in 1980, and rinderpest in ruminants in 2011.  When a disease occurs in a geographic region, animal Continue Reading