ACVPM Exam: Four Months to go – Pulse Check

                Despite life, work, and intense studying, you have taken time to purchase flowers for that all-important holiday that occurs near the ides of February. We are talking of course, about Lupercalia, the ancient Sabine celebration which the Romans later renamed as Februa. During this time, we purify evil I-can’t-possibly-pass-this-test self-doubts and rejuvenate our health Continue Reading

What Is the Prevalent Incidence That I Will Understand Biostatistics?

When flipping through a news article involving infectious disease, it’s likely you have some across the terms of incidence and prevalence. “There is an alarming rise in prevalence for Disease XYZ in recent years” the story might say to hone your interest. The article might warn you without any specific numbers, but both terms have Continue Reading

Smoking out the definition of typhus

Typhus, apoplexy, dysentery, dropsy, and coryza are all medical terms of yesteryear, and many of these words have not survived in common medical usage. This is due, in large part, to a lack of specificity in their meaning. Apoplexy, for example, could refer to both strokes and heart attacks. Dropsy is generalized edema. Abdominal dropsy Continue Reading