Threat From the South:VSV

The US is currently battling another foreign animal disease outbreak.  Last week, vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) was identified in two horses in south Texas and one in New Mexico.  Summer breezes bring vectors up from Mexico. With low mortality, our greatest concern with VSV is its resemblance to important foreign animal diseases (FADs) like foot Continue Reading

Eradication, Elimination, and Endemicity

Modern science has made some tremendous breakthroughs in the last century.  Diseases that used to plague livestock have now been brought under control or eradicated completely.  Only two infectious diseases can be considered completely eradicated: smallpox in humans in 1980, and rinderpest in ruminants in 2011.  When a disease occurs in a geographic region, animal Continue Reading

FOVAD the ONLY way to contract infectious disease

When the impossible becomes possible, fear ensues When Hannibal, his army, and approximately 40 elephants geared for battle crossed the Alps into Italy, he struck fear into the heart of Rome. At the time the Romans and virtually everyone except Hannibal believed the Alps represented a natural and complete barrier to invasion. When the impossible Continue Reading